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About Us

Simple DOT Compliance is part of Triesten Technologies LLC and we have established in the fields of electronic tolling, taxation, electronic logging solutions, education, healthcare, e-commerce, and consulting services to customers around the world. We specialize in building effective long-term development teams for our customers, meeting technological and communication needs in multiple time zones. 

Currently, we have the following portals are running in live and serving to the trucking industry.

Simple Truck ELD –

Simple Truck ELD is a product to support the Trucking Industry, which aids Truck drivers to log their Hours of Service electronically and submit to FMCSA. Solution is an amalgamation of ELD + Android/iOS mobile Apps to log the Hours of service and Web console for management and reporting.

Simple Truck Tax – is the most simple affordable online portal to file Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax and it is authorized by the IRS to file 2290, 8849 forms.

Simple IFTA –

The international Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) facilitates fuel tax payments between the contiguous United States and Canadian Provinces. Its Standardized filing methods help transportation companies stay compliant with federal tax requirements.

Simple IFTA is online powerful software used to calculate mileage and fuel details and to prepare IFTA report accurately for each quarter.

Simple UCR –

Simple UCR is a web based application that makes the UCR process simpler and convenient to register online application. We can process your UCR application for a low fee of $69.95